MOSCOT is a global lifestyle brand driven by the Company‚ nearly 100 years of eyewear expertise, New York City heritage and its downtown sensibility. It is renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear‚ The MOSCOT Originals, MOSCOT Spirit, MOSCOT Titanium and MOSCOT Sun Collections.

The MOSCOT optical roots were first planted in America by great grandfather and family patriarch, Hyman Moscot, who arrived from Eastern Europe via Ellis Island in 1899. Hyman began selling ready-made eyeglasses from a pushcart on Orchard Street on Manhattan‚ famed Lower East Side, and the rest, as they say, is history!

In 1925, Hyman’s son, Sol, joined the family business and at the tender age of only 15, he opened the family‚ first retail shop, MOSCOT‚ at 94 Rivington Street. By 1950, MOSCOT was settled at 118 Orchard Street, on the corner of Delancey Street, where it remains to this day.

In 1951, Sol’s son Joel, began presiding over the House of MOSCOT. Charming, dedicated, and devoted to his customers, Joel quickly made his mark‚ overseeing the shop and conveying the family values to his sons, who would soon become the fourth generation of Moscots to take the helm.

In 1986, Joel’s son, Dr. Harvey Moscot, entered the family business, and in 1992, Joel’s youngest son, Kenny Moscot, eagerly entered the business as well. Shortly thereafter, the family opened its second shop at 69 West 14th Street, on the corner of Sixth Avenue in downtown Manhattan, which now hails as the company’s flagship location.

Together, the fourth generation Moscot siblings reinvented what was once a neighbourhood optical shop into what is now a global lifestyle brand, beloved by fans worldwide.